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Spirit Up Lift +Plus

Spirit Up Lift +Plus

$ 65.00

Serving size is based on the person's level of toxicity. The amount to be consumed is at the discretion of the physician.

This formula may be taken with other formulas designed to address addiction or to relieve pain associated with wounds, surgery or posttraumatic stress from combat. This formula calms the mind, promotes healthy brain function, and allows the mind to function on a higher level of enzymatic and neurological regularity

Suggested Uses:

For pain relief, this formula may be used with Men's Support+Plus (for men) or Female Blessings+Plus (for women), Health Power+Plus, Cholesterol Away+Plus, Arthritis Defense+Plus, Immuno Plex, Super Meal+PLus and Body Ziba Powder+Plus.

Persons with an addiction to heroin, crack, glass, or cocaine, or persons who use Methamphetamine (also called meth, crystal, chalk, and ice, among other terms) are an extremely addictive stimulant drug that is chemically similar to amphetamine. It takes the form of a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder. More than twice daily may use Heart & Nerve with Spirit Uplift. These two extracts can be used by placing two full droppers directly under the tongue, hold for 40 seconds and then swallow. This process may be repeated several times each day to calm tension, shakes or exhaustion.

WARNING: The person is NOT to stop their addictive substance all at once. Cessation must happen a little every day as the emotional and mental codependency is usually stronger than the actual physical addiction.

Please consult your physician before use.

Product Ingredients

Proprietary Mood Enhance Blend (1544 gm)

Certified Organic Prunus Avium
Certified Organic Rhodiola Rosea
Arctium Lappa
Cinnamomum Cassia
Certified Organic Lentinula Edodes
Certified Organic Piper Nigrum
Gingko Biloba

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