Artichoke Leaf powder

Artichoke Leaf powder- Also known as Cynara Scolymus

Pure artichoke leaf powder (Cynara Scolymus) is rich in active and beneficial phytochemicals that occur naturally in this plant.  Artichoke is popular for its pleasant bitter taste, which is attributed mostly to a plant chemical called Cynarin found in the green parts of the plant.  Cynarin is considered one of artichoke’s main biologically active chemicals.  Other documented “active” chemicals include flavonoids, sesquiterpene lactones, polyphenols, and caffeoylquinic acids.   Traditional uses for artichoke leaf powder include:

·   Gallstones

·   Liver and gallbladder bile stimulant

·   High cholesterol

·   Digestive disorder

·   Irritable bowel syndrome

·   Crohn’s disease

·   Bowel problems

·   Support for optimal liver function

Avicenna has mentioned the multiple uses of Artichoke powder in the Canon  of Medicine.