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Dr. Jafari is the 6th generation Traditional Persian Medicine physician.  As a Traditional Persian Herbalist and teacher of Traditional Persian Medicine, Dr. Jafari has perfected the Traditional Persian herbal formulas that countless people have relied upon to improve their health and maintain that health throughout their lifetime.

Since the age of 13, Dr. Jafari has researched, studied, and practiced the Avicenna philosophy and remains an avid student to this day. Using traditional Persian Medicine that includes the use of herbs, along with the specialized application of color, light, sound, aroma, and crystal hydro-therapy. Dr. Jafari has earned the reputation as being among the most learned of Persian medicine practitioners. 

She holds a medical degree from Iran as a general practitioner (not a board certified or practicing physician) and studied homeopathy and homotoxicology at the International Society of Homotoxicology and Antihomotoxic Therapy and also holds a degree in Homeopathy. Dr. Jafari additionally studied universal wisdom and mysticism at the Florida Free Academy Institute of Religion and further holds a degree from the institute. 

She also studied Energetics of Medicine and The Human Body, holding the highest degree in the field. She has treated people from all parts of the universe and has been invited to speak at many universities, most recently in 2002 at Florida Atlantic University, College of Graduate Studies of Nursing, and Barna School of Oriental Science. As a spiritual teacher, she has been invited to lecture at Unity Churches of South East Florida from 1993 to 1995, Our Lady Queen of Myrter in South West Florida, as well as at The Cancer Society of Grand Bahamas Island who awarded her with the most outstanding service and contributions given to the cancer association of Grand Bahama Island. 

As a lecturer covering Persian Ethno Botany on the Power of Medicinal Herbs, The Flamingo Herbs and Spice Society presented her with an Award of Excellence and Fellowship in 1995. Dr. Jafari adapted traditional Persian formulas to best address the American lifestyle and eating habits, achieving extrodinary results for her numerous patients and clients. According to Dr. Jafari, "In order for us to be in perfect balance, all of our organs and systems have to be nourished and toxin-free at all times. Excercise, sufficient water intake, proper sunlight, meditation, proper frame of mind, and a custom food program individualized according to one's constitution and condition is extremely important.

She is a certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the International Association of Couselors and Therapists.

In addition to her exceptional Herbal product line, Dr. Jafari also offers consultations, treatments, and seminars. 

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