EMF Protection Stickers (Large)
EMF Protection Stickers (Large)

EMF Protection Stickers (Large)

$ 45.00

How many hours do you spend on your phone or in front of a computer?

Could you be suffering from increased exposure to EMFs?

Headaches, stress, numbness, nausea, blurry vision, depression, poor sleep, or anxiety are just a few possible signs of chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields.

EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) increase the replication of pathogens of all types. EMFs also compromise the immune system. Most viruses are negative ion charged. If they are exposed to a positive charge, such as the charge emitted by EMF from computers, 5G, Wi-Fi, wireless internet, Bluetooth, etc. the viruses replicate and mutate exponentially faster. This is a phenomenon that happens with viruses, bacteria, parasites, mold, fungus, and yeast, etc.

Use this tool to protect from EMF and create a negative charge in your body:

  • For use on Wi-Fi routers, appliances, and other electronic devices
  • Research shows that the C60 molecule neutralizes EMF radiation and creates a cleaner energy environment
  • Increases mental clarity and focus
  • Creates more energy, less stress and reduces pain
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Detoxifies and purifies water

Protect yourself and your family with our EMF Protection Stickers.

Convenient and easy to use, they are designed especially with your health in mind. Just put in place and neutralize the bad vibes!


Your Health is Our Highest Goal and Mission!