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Persian Euphoria

$ 35.00
An Organic, Vegan, gluten Free, coffee substitute with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. According to Ancient Persian Tradition and herbal research, Persian Euphoria may be substituted as a coffee substitute to give you the pleasure and aroma without caffeine side effects or jitteriness. It also may open the mind, detox the body, and create balance in the Lymphatic and Digestive system. It has been used in traditional Persian Medicine As a diuretic, energetic and detoxifier.

Here is some feedback from our past happy customers.

1. Can’t believe there is no caffeine! I am so alert and happy, I don’t want coffee anymore. – Joshua Shader, Boca Raton, FL

2. I was retaining so much fluid while on my period and down, I can’t believe how this has helped me. I will be using this during and after my period each time. Made me feel great! – Rene Smith, Boca Raton, FL

3. It made me sexually very happy. I had more sexual energy and awareness – Cookie, For t Lauderdale, FL

4. It is amazing how much mucous this has been bringing up that was in my lungs. – Joe D , Coral Springs, FL

5. Oh my god I thought I was going to die after drinking so many cups of heavy dark coffee everyday! To my surprise, Persian Eurphoria, gave me the boost, aroma, and satisfaction of drinking coffee. I feel even better! – Harvey French, Orlando, FL

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