Beta Sitosterol

Beta-Sitosterol, alone as well as in combination with other similar plant sterols, is one of a group of organic compounds acquired from plants that is able to decrease cholesterol levels in the blood.

Beta-sitosterol’s ability to block the absorption of cholesterol seems to be the reason behind diminishing cholesterol levels. Beta-Sitosterol has also proven useful in easing the symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Research, carried out in test tubes, has also shown various molecules, very much like Beta-Sitosterol, to be effective in hindering the growth of cancer cells. However, the application of this information in regards to treating humans is still unknown.

While cholesterol is the main sterol derived from animals, Beta-Sitosterol is a plant sterol found in nearly all plants. Beta-Sitosterol is found in wheat germ, soybeans, rice bran, and Coconut  oil, and is especially abundant in raw nut products including peanuts, Almond  flour, almond butter, and Almond and  peanut oil.