Phyto Plankton

Phyto Plankton, from green, blue-green and brown algae provide natural high qualityprotein, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They are used to therapeutically stimulate the immune response, accelerate healing and tissue repair, help prevent degenerative disease and promote longer life.

In addition Phyto-plankton provides:

  •  The most potent source of beta-carotene available today. 
  •      The richest plant source of vitamin B-12.
  •  Amino acids virtually identical to those needed by our human bodies.
  • Protein at a greater yield than soy beans, corn or beef.
  • The only food source the essential fatty acid, GLA, other than mother’s milk.
  • Natural detoxifiers to protect against chemical pollutants and radiation.