Artemisia Absinthium

Working as an antibacterial, Artemisia Absinthum may work effectively as a deodorant.

Artemisia Absinthum stimulates menstrual discharge and helps to open obstructed menstruation, a valuable outcome, as obstructed menstruation can give rise to some critical health conditions in women, including uterine tumors and cancer.

Artemisia Absinthum may also help to rid one of problems like headaches, abdominal cramps, nausea, fatigue, and lack of appetite, as well as make periods more regular.

Fighting infections, as it kills microbes and inhibit their growth, Artemisia Absinthum is also fatal for viruses and bacteria, which cause fevers, thereby aiding in the reduction of fever.

The parasitic worms, such as Hook worms, Round worms, and Tape worms, that are  found in the human body, can usually be eliminated by Artemisia Absinthum.

Toning circulation and helping in the proper and uniform distribution of nutrients throughout the body, Artemisia Absinthum helps the excretory system keep one’s body free of unwanted materials and toxins. Effective in the enhancement of endocrine system, Artemisia Absinthum helps in proper growth and maturity, maintaining the proper discharge of hormones and enzymes, as well as having a positive effect on the nervous system. The immune system may also be aided by this oil, which would help provide more effective protection against infections and diseases.