Did you know that animals kept on a diet low in protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, FOLIC ACID, BIOTIN, PROBIOTIC, and other nutrients have been terribly infested with many different types of parasites?

To the scientist’s surprise, when the animal’s diet was enhanced with proper nutrients, the infestations did not occur. As long as the proper nutrients were present in their feed, parasites were unable to set up nests, passed through the body.
Parasites may enter our body through the mouth, nose, skin (bottom of feet) and are also transmitted via insect carriers.

Other common sources of INVADERS:
• Contact with someone who has parasites
• Contaminated fruits and vegetables
• Contaminated soil
• Contact with feces (changing diapers, bed pans)
• Mosquitoes
• Pets (touching or kissing dogs, cats, birds)
• Polluted water / Tap water
• Raw or rare meats (sushi, rare roast meats)

ADDICTION TO DRUGS (opium or opiates, marijuana , crack, shiba, glass, mets, benzos), cigarettes, alcohol.

Most common drugs used today are IMMUNE SUPPRESSORS.
They increase our susceptibility to parasitic infestation. Many external factors may contribute to the parasite problem, but the biggest is an internal one. A dirty colon is the result of an unnatural lifestyle or bacterial imbalance (good / bad). The proper ratio in the intestine is (80% : 20%). If this is disrupted, it results in parasite infestation.


• Antibiotics
• Birth control pills
• Chlorinated water
• Drug abuse (cigarette, marijuana, opium, hashish, heroin, crack, cocaine, glass, crystal)
• Alcohol abuse
• Sugar abuse (artificial or regular sugar)
• Low fiber diet
• Mercury toxicity (from dental fillings, metal cans, make up)
• Pollution (air, water, food, prescription medication in water supply)
• Poor digestion and elimination
• Refined carbohydrates (white sugar, white flour, pasta, pastries, white rice)
• Stress (work, family, loud noise, working out for hours daily)
• Steroid drugs
• X-rays / radiation therapy
These factors can lay the grounds for overgrowth of CANDIDA ALBICANS (KNOWN AS YEAST)

PARASITES and DIGESTIVE DISORDERS all work hand in hand to develop other conditions. There are over 1000 types of PARASITES that can live in our bodies. Tests are available for about 50 of them and the rest are not detectable.
A stool sample needs to be tested for at least 3 days.

We all need to learn to cleanse ourselves periodically. “In order to achieve optimum health, we need to fast, one day a week, 3 days at the end of each month, 7 complete days at the end of each season, 21 to 30 complete days at the end of each year,” according to the teachings of the great Persian scholar, Ibn Sina, also referred to as “Avicenna”, the Prince of Medicine.

By fasting , meaning to avoid all cooked foods , no animal products , no processed foods , no sugar of any kind ….

Depending upon the season, the fasting process changes. Also, it depends upon the individual’s constitution, as the consumption of different nutrients would be necessary .

Juicing certain vegetables, which grow in the summer, will not be beneficial in the fall or winter. If a person is always cold in the middle of the spring or summer, naturally, their body requirement is different from someone who is always hot in the summer.

Nutrients that are important to the body:

Herbs to support the intestinal environment and whole digestive system:

Herbs to support the lymphatic system:

Herbs to support the liver, blood, heart

Dr. Jafari suggests that you follow this method for at least 3 months to see results. Drinking an abundance of good quality water is vital to removal fungus, parasites or other INVADERS. .
ORGANIC foods are a must.

Please consult your physician or primary care provider before you use any of this information for your personal use. The information has not been approved by the FDA.