Studies show that alloxan, the chemical that makes white flour look so “clean, fluffy and beautiful” destroys the beta cells of your pancreas and puts a person at risk for diabetes, all for the sake of eating “beautiful” flour.

Is it worth it ?

Scientists have known of the alloxan-diabetes connection for years, In fact, researchers who are studying diabetes commonly give the animal alloxan, using the chemical to induce the disorder in lab animals.

Every day, consumers ingest foods made with alloxan contaminated flour. Would you just as willingly consume foods contaminated with a deadly chemical? Unless you had a death wish, you probably would not.

“Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware of alloxan and its potentially fatal link to diabetes because these facts are not well publicized by the food industry.” (june 02, 2005 Dani Veracity).

How does alloxan cause diabetes ?

According to Dr. Hari Sharma’s, Freedom from Disease, the uric acid derivative initiates free radical damage to DNA in the beta cells of the pancreas, causing the cells to malfunction and die. When these beta cells fail to operate normally, they no longer produce enough insulin, or in other words, they cause one variety of adult-onset Type II Diabetes.

Alloxan has a harmful effect on the pancreas, referred to as “a potent beta-cell toxin,” The toxic effects of alloxan is common scientific knowledge in the research community, however, it is still being used in your food.

If you have been eating white bread, cookies, cakes, and other snacks made with white flour and have a family history of diabetes, studies show that you can reverse the effects of alloxan by supplementing your diet with proper “food supplements.” These formulas will help your pancreas rebuild, restore, and prevent further damage to its cells.

It all comes down to asking yourself if putting yourself at risk for diabetic coma, blindness, and lymphatic diseases is worth eating white bread? Are you willing to risk your quality of life and your life itself, for consuming foods made with white flour? Is this what you want?

Plants have been used for over 20 centuries all over the globe. They contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, steroids, and many other antioxidants. Take responsibility for your own life. Change your lifestyle to live a healthier, more pleasant, joyful, active, longer life.

EAT: Raw vegetables(broccoli, kale, chard, red and green cabbages), omega oils (raw unsalted seeds and nuts that have been soaked for 48 hours and drained for their omega oils and minerals) ,freshly ground flax seeds, fresh fish, (steamed, poached or baked, without using oil) sea vegetables containing miracles of god from the sea, whole grains such as brown rice, buckwheat (high in the mineral rutin to help reduce diabetic nueropathy), lightly steamed green beans, green super foods (that are present in the formulas listed below). These super foods contain more available protein than beef or any red meat, plus minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins to protect our bodies from harm. Drink an abundance of good quality water, exercise often, pray, and have faith in your mind, body and spirit

Dr. Jafari recommends:
Green SUPER foods:
Please consult your physician or primary care provider before you use any of this information for your personal use. The information has not been approved by the FDA.