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Rice Protein

More than half the world’s population today depends on Rice Proteins and consumes Rice, a native crop of tropical and subtropical Asia and Africa, as the primary staple food. As the cultivation of rice requires intensive labor, high quantities of rainfall and plenty of water for irrigation, it is extensively cultivated in the highly populated tropical regions of South Asia and parts of Africa. However, in order to meet the growing requirements of rice in countries worldwide, today rice is grown in countries all over the world. Next to maize and wheat, rice is the third largest crop cultivated today. Especially, in developing nations like those of South Asia and Africa rice is also cultivated as one of the largest export crops. When derived from natural polishing and extraction processes, Rice Proteins, have approximately 70% protein content and are rich sources of amino acids which modern research has revealed is very similar to the amino acid profile of mother’s milk (one of the most nutritious food materials of the planet).

Rice protein is generally seen to be a complete protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids that proteins are generally said to be made up of. Besides this, in most cases they also contain some of the non-essential amino acids that are, in smaller quantities also necessary for the physiological processes of our body to run correctly.

Rice protein powder is a natural and healthy alternative to whey protein powder and shakes, and contains essential amino acids and vitamins to support lean tissue formation. Individuals who want to lose weight for the long-term can consume rice protein powder to complement a healthy diet. This powder contains several important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that support a healthy lifestyle and balance out any protein deficiencies that result from eating a restricted, meat-free diet.

One of the most important benefits of rice protein powder is that it is easily digestible and low in calories. Individuals who want to lose weight can add rice protein powder to the daily diet without worrying about excessive calories, without compromising balanced nutrition. Rice protein powder contains high concentrations of protein, vegan athlete or bodybuilder vitamins and minerals so that can meet their daily nutrition requirements with ease.

Rice protein powder is also a better choice than whey protein supplements for those who have hypoglycemia or diabetes. Weight loss can be nearly impossible for these individuals because their blood sugar levels are always out of balance. Rice protein powder does not raise blood sugar levels because it does not contain extra sweeteners or additives; once consumed; it decreases hunger and keeps blood sugar levels steady.

Since this type of protein is readily absorbed, it can also make the body much more efficient. The body utilizes rice protein more quickly than other types of protein such as soy or those found in vegetables and beans. This means that when rice protein powder is consumed immediately after a meal, it will be used to rebuild and repair torn muscles and can improve recovery times significantly.

Individuals who suffer from wheat, milk or soy allergies can also enjoy the benefits of rice protein powder and shakes. Rice proteins and derivatives of rice rarely cause an allergic reaction, which means there is an alternative for those who want to improve their health and balance out their diets with more protein.

Overall, rice protein powder offers several benefits for those who are on a vegan diet, or for individuals who want to add protein to their diets without consuming soy or milk products. It is easy to digest, available in a variety of flavors, and relatively low in calories, making it a valuable addition to a balanced diet.

Studies suggest that organic brown rice protein has the following health benefits:

  • Organic Brown Rice protein has been linked in clinical studies to its ability to promote a slower release of sugars into the blood stream. This slower release of sugars can potentially help those with diabetes and other blood sugar-related conditions.
  • Rice Protein may help lower cholesterol levels as shown in clinical studies.
  • Rice protein was studied in clinical studies in Japan where it was determined that it may be able to support weight loss. Whole grain brown rice includes the high levels of nutrients that can help foster weight loss. Additionally, because brown rice protein supports the body’s ability to better absorb the vitamins and minerals we get from our food we are able to achieve a greater sense of feeling “full” from the nutrients that we have ingested.
  • For these reasons rice protein is considered such a comprehensive anti-aging product. Through the aging process we naturally diminish in our ability to extract the optimum nutrition from the foods that we ingest. Rice Protein allows us to absorb the optimum nutrients from our foods.

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