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Organic Quinoa Sprout

The Incas used Quinoa for centuries as one of their main food sources. It was typically grown at high altitude in South America, and it was planted and harvested with religious ceremonies that honored the sacred gifts from nature provided in the Quinoa plant. Quinoa is remarkable in its high amount of fiber and protein. In fact, it has more protein than any other natural product in the grain world. It also has a considerable amount of fiber, and again that makes for healthy digestive function. The protein and fiber content of Quinoa make it a fantastic all-around Super Grain to add to your diet. Known as ‘complete proteins’, Quinoa contains all nine of the essential amino acids. In addition quinoa is a source of substantial amounts of manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, and phosphorus, as well as providing zinc and potassium and vitamins E and Bs. Unlike many grains, quinoa is easy to digest, but is still a good source of fiber.

Many people have turned to Quinoa as a wheat substitute. It is probably most popular for being gluten free. However its health benefits go much further. The growth of the vegan movement has also contributed largely to Quinoa’s growing usage, but vegans and allergy sufferers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from adding quinoa to their diet.

Quinoa is low on the Glycemic index. This means quinoa can help maintain a more level blood sugar level, possibly decreasing one’s risk of developing Diabetes. Regular intake of quinoa also seems to help stop insulin resistance, which is often a precursor of Type 2 Diabetes.

Spikes and drops in blood sugar level cause snacking hungers and overeating. The low Glycemic index of quinoa and the regulated uptake of sugars gives a person a ‘full’ feeling for a longer period of time. Quinoa helps you to avoid between-meal-snacks.

And you’ll notice they we used sprouted quinoa instead of just tossing in dry quinoa. When they’ve sprouted they have a much higher nutritional content. When a seed germinates, it creates a storehouse of vitamins and enzymes that it will need in order to grow and thrive as a live, healthy plant. So eating sprouted grains or seeds is always much better for you than just grinding up the dry seeds and eating those.

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