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Angelica Root

Called Chinese Angelica, Angelica Root, and Dong Quai, this herb helps lower symptoms of menopause, relieves menstrual cramps, and regulates menstrual periods. No scientific evidence supports its effectiveness, but Anglica has been used in oriental medicine to treat these symptoms for centuries.

This herb is primarily used to relieve reproductive problems in females. In particular, treatment includes lowering menopausal symptoms, regulating cycles, and relieving menstrual cramps. There is no scientific evidence to support angelica’s effectiveness in treating reproductive problems.

Oriental medicine often combines Chinese angelica root with various other herbs to provide treatment for conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, allergies, and asthma. Limited evidence supports angelica’s ability to increase immune system function; this suggests why the root is effective in treating allergies. It also may possess anti-inflammatory properties, suggesting possible benefits when treating conditions including asthma and arthritis. Angelic root may possibly relax blood vessels because of one of the chemical it contains. This may make it effective in lowering high blood pressure.

Angelica root is renowned from ancient times that date back to 400BC till this modern age.  Apart from the common treatments listed above, this Angelica root is also used to treat toothaches and swollen gums. In ancient China, Zhang Cong Zheng (1150-1228), a famous physician in the military, categorized the herb ‘Bai Zhi’ as one used to combat negative external influences such as heat, clamminess, dryness and cold on the skin. Though the functions of this herb are mainly focused to benefit the lung and stomach area, Bai Zhi is also practiced on many other areas of the human body.

Some of its properties are used 

To expel wind (especially those related to headaches)

To relieve nasal obstruction

To detox the blood

To relieve pain

As an anti-inflammatory

As an antispasmodic (to suppress muscle spasms)

To promote circulatory stimulation

As a laxative

As a sedative

To strengthen the functioning of the liver

As an anti-fungal cream for the skin.

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