Arthritis Defense TM

Arthritis Defense TM – 180 Vegetarian Capsules

By definition, Dietary habits are the habitual decisions an individual or culture makes when choosing what foods to eat.

In Ancient Persia a balanced combination of vegetables, grains, herbs, seeds, legumes, fruits, and mixed petals were regarded as a very good diet capable of strengthening body and mind.

The Father of Medicine, Avicenna, was the first known physician, scholar, and philosopher to develop, practice, and research the first beginning of modern medical practices. Practicing his profession before the rise of Islam, he considered himself to be a Zoroastrian, the religion of the ancient Persians, one who acts in careful regard to the planet that has provided so graciously for humans, therefore polluting as little as possible and giving back to the Earth as much as one can. Through Islam sweeping the region, Greek and Persian wars, and British Imperialism, Avicenna’s literature was stolen, burned, and ravaged, leaving little to no trace of his original ideas. The Greeks adopted Avicenna’s practices as their own through the guise of Hippocrates, and the remaining literature is now kept in underground British libraries. Though Hippocrates was in fact a multidimensional scholar, all research and practices he had were not his own, he worked off of Avicenna’s original ideas, and with no record of whom this information came from, as Persia was almost entirely destroyed, Hippocrates thus became universally known as ‘The Father of Medicine’.  They adopted the ancient Persian principle that disease was caused by a fundamental imbalance in the body between certain opposed qualities, such as heat and cold (sardi/garmi), or wetness and dryness (tari/khoshki). Avicenna proposed that health resulted from the equal influence of four bodily “humors” that was analogous to the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire). Food became an important factor instrumental in maintaining the body’s balance, as food has grounding, cooling, uplifting, and heating properties. Avicenna and the ancient physicians following him considered food and beverages important factors to revive the body. Excessive consumption of too much red meat and fats was thought to upset body’s balance.

Persian Royals were noted for their lavish banquets. Greeks and other foreigners lucky enough to share a Persian meal reported not just the opulent gold and silver plates and drinking vessels, but the unusual vegetables, unfamiliar grains, unknown fruits, and exotic spices. This was the envy of all, something based on health and balance.

Today we face pandemic numbers of people with obesity, diabetes, Arthritis, and cardiovascular disease; many people have started to question the role our modern diet plays on our health. There is no doubt that, our basic diet has changed too rapidly and is too far removed from that of our ancient ancestors and this is the cause of many of our current nutrition, metabolism, and health problems.

Today we eat highly processed food, and not enough fruits and vegetables; our dietary fiber intake is a major concern. It has been only recently (in relative terms) that the amount of fiber in our diets has decreased so rapidly; however, metabolic and physiological changes to accommodate this change in the diet will take much longer. So many ailments such as constipation, and perhaps heart disease and some cancers may become gargantuan problems because our bodies can’t change as fast as our diets.

It must be remembered that many of the fruits, vegetables, and cereals we know today are a result of selective breeding and may have little resemblance to the original wild or newly domesticated variety. To complicate matters even further, we have foods from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) being grown today. Ninety percent or more of all US-grown corn, soybeans, canola, and sugar beets are genetically modified, which means that virtually all processed food items contain at least one or more genetically modified ingredients. Monsanto, the world leader in genetically modified organisms (GMO) has been  HYPERLINK “” named the worst company of 2011 by Natural Society — for “threatening both human health and the environment.”

This is progress? When do we learn? Where do we turn? At what point do we cherish health, and seek answers to attain it? The Ancient Persians had the answers, and today’s studies and ethical research support their theories of health and balance. It is from this understanding that Arthritis Defense + Plus was created, a formula which supplements healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

There are few diseases for which less hope is offered by traditional physicians than Arthritis. Happily, alternative medicine has much hope to offer Arthritis sufferers. Arthritis is one of a handful of conditions sometimes termed a “dead end diagnosis” meaning, “there’s no more we can do for you”. Arthritis patients are offered only pain and anti-inflammatory medications to enable them to tolerate the pain until the disease progresses to the point where more radical procedures such as joint replacement surgery can be justified. Rarely is the cause of Arthritis addressed, let alone a plan to actually correct the cause. Western medicine is fantastic at treating crises and emergencies, but when it comes to chronic degenerative illnesses such as Arthritis, conventional medicine is woefully lacking. Yet, the good news is, you will routinely find Arthritis sufferers gaining good relief under the guidance of alternative medicine and holistic practitioners.

Arthritis is often associated with an intestinal disorder termed “leaky gut” or leaky gut syndrome, a problem commonly addressed by alternative medicine practitioners but overlooked by doctors practicing western medicine. Commonly associated with leaky gut is a wide variety of food allergies which create toxicity to the muscles and joints, eventually leading to Arthritis.

A holistic diagnostic approach to Arthritis is less concerned with diagnosis and more interested in determining the underlying causes. A holistic practitioner surveys the organ system to build a complete picture of the patient’s illness. This assesses the phases of the body’s dysfunction that precipitated the onset of Arthritis.

From a holistic viewpoint, Arthritis is the result of an accumulation of problems that stem from layers of toxicity, malnutrition, and dysfunction. This is why your holistic doctor investigates the function of your digestive, immune, and detoxification system.  It is also important to point out that, like many chronic conditions, your Arthritis did not appear overnight. It is a culmination of years of lifestyle and diet. One cannot expect it to be corrected in a few days or weeks. A holistic approach to Arthritis will take months—and require permanent lifestyle and diet changes.

Natural medicine can offer Arthritis sufferers lasting relief from pain and suffering. Arthritis develops as a result of several factors including an accumulation of toxins in the body (from the environment, food, drugs, and other sources); bacterial and yeast infections; parasites; nutrient deficiencies; and food allergies. It is important to understand the root cause of Arthritis so you can become actively involved in treating it. Although natural treatment therapies don’t have the quick topical fix of symptoms provided by conventional pharmaceuticals, they do offer substantial benefits over time.

Over half of all people who suffer from Arthritis have a mixed disease consisting of both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Many feel these conditions are a normal process of aging and expect a magic pill to correct the condition; however, unfortunately, western medicine only provides treatment of symptoms, not causes. Instead, several therapies are needed to reverse the underlying factors—nutritional deficiencies, infestation of parasites, and liver and digestive dysfunction that end up manifesting themselves as Arthritis.

Alternative medicine views Arthritis as a correctable disease that requires adjustments to specific organ systems, diet, and lifestyle. By making positive changes in these areas, you can reverse or prevent its onset. Arthritis Defense + Plus, and the ancient history of Persian medicine will be your gateway to reaching the comfort and healing you seek. As the ancient practitioners designed, Arthritis Defense + Plus brings this history and science to you.

Please read further, and find an understanding as to why these specific ingredients were chosen to make Arthritis Defense + Plus an optimal companion to good health and arthritic relief.