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Health Power +Plus

Health Power +Plus

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We have reached a point in time, where despite all the advancements in medical science, as a people we are far less healthy than out ancestors. Why is there an epidemic of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others diseases? Why have numbers skyrocketed so drastically in modern times? What are we doing wrong? More importantly, what are we doing about it?

  Avicenna, renowned Persian leader in the medical, science and philosophical world, wrote The Cannon of Medicine, which created a foundation for balanced health and medical practice throughout the world. Avicenna was known as “The Father of Medicine”, and began The Canon with a definition of the science of medicine, “Medicine  is the science by which we learn the various states of the human body in health and when not in health, and the means by which health is likely to be lost, and when lost, is likely to be restored. In other words, medicine is the art whereby health is conserved and the art whereby it is restored after being lost.”

  Everyone has heard the saying, you are what you eat. So how does this impact us, how does it affect our health? Our diets today are far different from those who lived in ancient times, and even from our ancestors of just one hundred years ago. We have come to consume far more beef, chicken and fish, with a shrinking dependence on what grows in Mother Earth. The hormones that are fed to animals, making them fatter and more desirable, are still in the meat when we consume it. These hormone additives are too strong for the animals as well, creating illness, so to combat this problem the animals are fed anti-biotics, which they also pass on to those who eat their meat. Vegetables and fruit are impacted by a farming system, which uses chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Not only does this compromise the nutrition benefits of the plants we eat, but it breeds an environment for sickness. As in all of these circumstances, these foods may increase the risk of cancer, and other diseases, along with a general breakdown of our physical health. So where do we turn?

  Certainly it is highly recommended to buy organic foods, which is an important addition to a healthy diet, but this is not always enough.

  According to Avicenna, "There are no incurable diseases — only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs — only the lack of knowledge."

  The healing art of Persian medicine has been with us since the time of Avicenna, and can be very powerful by engaging and supporting our body's innate wisdom. We need to pay attention to what helps us keep in balance, especially in these times of high stress living, immune breakdown, and pollution. If your mind-body-spirit responds to something - then listen! It may be trying to tell you something important! And this is the basis for Health Power Plus, to support health through a Mind-Body-Spirit Balance.

  Ancient Persian texts list not only the various parts of plants such as roots, stems, scales, leaves, fruit and seeds used for treatment but also indicate which plant is the remedy for each disease. According to the Zâdspram, a Pahlavi text of the ninth century AD, there are thousands of species of medicinal plants used for the prevention of thousands of sicknesses, they are the answer. Health Power Plus is a modern way to call on the knowledge of this ancient wisdom, and incorporate it into a balanced Mind – Body - Spirit. Join us, and uncover the magic of Persian wisdom, witness the healing properties spoken by Avicenna. Restore your health, balance the Mind – Body – Spirit. Experience the nutrition, that will feed this balance, within our proprietary blend of nature. Experience Health Power Plus.

  Health Power TM (180 Vegetarian Capsules) This formula is designed to promote an overall healthy body. It supports all systems of the body, increasing enzymatic action for better digestion. It also builds rich, beneficial blood, contains super foods (antioxidants, polyphenols, plant sterols, and phytochemicals) to slow the aging process, energizes the body for higher performance, and helps manage oxidative stress resulting from our Electronic world.

Health Power affords you the benefits of all these miracles of nature, in one source. Health Power truly gives you the ability to incorporate natural health and vitality in your daily life, with one simple supplement that brings Mother Nature to your door step.


For those who live in polluted cities, lack adequate sleep or exercise, hold high stress jobs, or who live a happy, energetic life. Proper Use: For students between the ages of 12 and 16 years with a wholesome diet, consume two capsules one hour before each meal. For those whose diet is less than healthy, three capsules three times daily are suggested. For individuals between the ages of 16 and 24, who consume carbonated beverages, sweets or refined foods, three capsules three times daily are suggested. For people between 24 and 34 years of age with inadequate sleep or jobs with high amounts of physical labor, two capsules four times daily are suggested. For people from 34 to 50 years old, three capsules three times daily are suggested. Those between 50 and 70 are suggested to consume two capsules three times daily. Those over the age of 70 should consume Super Meal powder and Body Ziba powder because of the lower metabolic rate. WARNING: Do not take with any fluids other than room temperature water. This formula provides an abundance of synergistically balanced, bio-available foods beneficial to your body. Do not take other multivitamins or minerals.

  Some of the ingredients will be addressed below, showing the amazing properties of Mother Nature in each individual miracle. So imagine, as you read, the remarkable effect of bringing them together in one amazing product, breathing health, and life, into your body and soul.

Camu Camu- Also known as Myrciaria Dubia
Phyto Plankton
Beta Carotene
Cereal Grass
Parsley's Many Health-Giving Properties

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