Testimonials - Written

Dear Parsi Herbs,
Nearly one year ago, I started using your products. At the time, I was about 20 pounds overweight and suffered with allergies and asthma symptoms and frequent outbreaks of fever blisters - at least every 4-6wks. At the time, I was a five year survivor of ovarian cancer surgery as well. With no hormone replacements, I had mood swings and felt asexual. 

After a detox regimen of your herbs and maintenance, I have a significant improvement in my health in many ways. I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve used a rescue inhaler, which is a major improvement. I don’t use allergy medicine anymore and another fabulous change – I stopped getting fever blisters.

A few months ago, I ran out of my herbs and it wasn’t long before I got another fever blister. I thought “What had changed?” I immediately ordered a new supply and after 3 months no more fever blisters! For me that is Really Big! And Bonus: Female Blessings keeps me stable and feeling like a woman again!
Thank you for your high quality healing Parsi Herbs!

Beth Tierney
Tucson, AZ

Dear Dr. Jafari,
I cannot thank you enough for your help. I have gone 18 days without a cigarette as I write this and I had been a smoker for more than twenty years. When I tried to stop before, I had terrible panic attacks and I wondered if I’d ever be able to do it. Your knowledge, your products, and your direction have made all the difference for me. With your products, it has not been anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be!

Your advice with regard to my anxiety and to boosting my immune system has also been peerless. I have staved off a recurring skin infection that has been a thorn in my side for some time now, and I feel better and more energetic! I will admit to being something of a skeptic, but the proof is in the results for me.

Thank you again for everything!
Jeffrey s. Lange

Dear Dr. Jafari,
For years I suffered from hot flashes and pain in my joints, a bad attitude, and depression.
One of my friends called me from Texas one day. While gaping on the phone, she mentioned how great she has been feeling since she has been taking a couple of these natural supplements by suggestion of her dentist's wife who is over 60 years of age. As I shared my feelings, she told me she was going to send me some to see how it worked for me.

I took them for a week. I never felt better, for the last past few years. I called your company and my order came in a few days, with instructions to use.

I hope all you ladies, who are suffering like me, use these products and see the light on the other side of the tunnel. By the way I have used "Female's Blessing & "Perfect Figure" for a while now.
Thank you, Parsi Herbs.
Special thanks to the dear woman who works so hard, every time we call her. She is there for us, to comfort and colm us down, and formulates these great formulas.

God bless you all.
San Dimas, California.

Dear Dr. Jafari,
With joy & faith, I have a long story.
Since I was 15 years old, I lived in San Diego, where my friends introduced me to pot, took a few puffs every few days, felt really good. A few months later, I was using it every day. All my friends were users. They told me this is an herb, has no side effects, it is natural, God created it for our joy & fun. So I went for it. At 17, I dropped out of school, my parents were divorced, so I felt sad, used that as an excuse to smoke more & more.

My mother was so disappointed with me, having dropped out of school, no goals, no job. I was an A student at one point, now had no motivation, my mind was going, losing my memory rapidly. Someone told me about switching to opium, used that for a while, found myself in the back alley one day all beat up, trying to meet my needs, owed so much money to the people I was purchasing from, I started selling for them.

My mom was crying every day, my dad was back in Mexico, had not seen him in a couple of years. I decided to become very brave and told my friends I was going to Mexico. Everyone discouraged me for doing that, but I thought what is going to happen, if I would not even find him, I will just come back.
So, I packed my bag, told my mom I was going to find my dad. She begged me not to go, that I had no proper address for him, or telephone number. I left for Mexico. For days I wandered the city. I was told he was last seen there a year ago. I did not know how many days it will take me to find him, so I took some supplies to meet my habit. My friends told me how to hide it so border police would not find it. For a week, I looked for my dad driving around, asking the locals about my dad with my broken Spanish, which was not easy. Finally, someone told me he had moved to another town and was working in a shoe factory.

Now I was getting low on money and my supplies were running out. I was getting totally panicky, shaking, because I was cutting down on my use. I met another American, standing in line buying a taco. We started chatting, asked him why he was there and one thing led to another. I sat outside eating with him when he asked me, if I knew where to purchase any good stuff to have a good time. So I told him, I was running low, he said "they have better stuff here, than your opium, let me take you somewhere to show you a good time." We drove for an hour, went into the areas that only local people lived, started getting scared, did not know my way back, got out of the car. There were so many people sitting in a circle laughing, drinking, smoking a pipe, passing it around. I asked the guy what is it they are smoking, he said, "sheba." I had no clue what that was though somebody told me once, that could kill you. It's black, called, "Mexican mud." So anxiously, we sat down, started smoking.

The rest is a longer story. Today I'm writing this story to let you know I did not even have the guts to do anything myself. One of our family friends came to our house to visit, as my mother was standing on top of me screaming (I was passed out) "Get up, get up!" I could hear her, but could not move, from doing "sheba" plus taking some other pills that I got from someone else. Because "sheba " was not doing it anymore, I had to smoke cigarettes, and drink some "tequilla." I took handfuls of I don't even remember what anymore.

My mom's friend said "Don't take him to the hospital, he is in trouble, lets make him throw up." They poured a bottle of something very sour down my throat. Later on, I found out it was vinegar. I was vomiting for hours, got the runs too. After drinking a gallon of water, I went to sleep and did not wake up for 28 hours. When I woke up, I was freezing cold, felt really sick all over, shaking. All I wanted to have was a fix so bad. By the way, my mother’s friend is a retired nurse from the old school. They kept me warm, locked me up for a week in my room, until was clean.

I was so miserable, cursed the whole world, screaming. She gave me some vitamin shots. Anyhow, I was clean. My mother was so happy. I kind of felt good, but wanted a fix, every few hours all I could think about was a fix. After three weeks, I was out of the house.

For all you users, you know what I did. I went straight to my friends. Yes, I sat and did it so long that I passed out. They told me they put me in the car, dropped me on our door step, rang the door bell and left.

Today, I have not used for 2 1/2 years, God bless the woman who introduced my mother and I to you people at Parsi Herbs. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough. Every day I pray that all addicts should find you. Everyone should have a happy ending like mine, I waited to see if i was going to use again. You know what, I feel really great. I passed my GED and now I am in my sophomore year in college. I have a part time job & a girl friend. Yes, you are right. I also take care of my mom real good. I owe her this. I promised myself, God, my mother and girlfriend to share my story. Hey, maybe this will help you & you & you to come clean too.

I have to say one more thing, when I have the money, I am going to come to Florida to see Dr. Jafari and all the ladies who put up with me, helping me out, going through the anger, sadness, madness and my confessions. God bless you all, you are the greatest. To all of my other buddies still using and gone back many times, my advise to you all is, there is hope. Go on the Parsi Herb program. I don't know what it is about it, but I know if I did it, you can too!

God bless you all.

Dear Parsi Herbs,
I was sick and felt like I was going to die. I could not breathe in and had exterme difficulty breathing out.

I called Dr. Jafari and she sent over some two liquid herbal formulas (spirit uplift, clean air and rose garden breath). She told me to drink each one three times a day with hot water one half hour apart. Dr. Jafari also advised the use of Oxi-Parsi and Super Meal. Within 12 hours I could breathe and within 24 hours I felt like I had never been sick.

Dr. Xavier Love

Dear Dr. Jafari,
Hello, I am a 26 years old, male, from Canada. I went on antidepressant medication in the year 2000 to treat my depression and anxiety. For a year and a half it helped somewhat to pull me through my days but afterwards, the depression and severe anxiety came back. My doctor switched my medication to Paxil. In the beginning Paxil worked great. I was social, happy and felt no anxiety. As time progressed, I noticed that I had difficulties remembering the topics I had studied for school.

In year 2004, I decided to get off Paxil. About a week after cutting down my dose, the anxiety and depression relapsed with such strength that I ended up in the hospital. I experienced derealization/depersonalization (scariest symptom of all), severe anxiety, suicidal depression, loss of cognitive function, memory loss, and the list goes on and on and I thought I was at the end of the line. I tried acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, etc. I saw a psychiatrist and he suggested for me to go on medication for psychotic people who suffer from schizophrenia. At that time, I saw Dr. Jafari on TV and I decided to consult with her. She appeared to be a very knowledgeable and caring person. The day I first spoke to her, was right after I ran the Mexico World Cup 2006 match. I could not even remember what the result was. She asssured me that the symptoms I was experiencing were due to Paxil and told me I have to be on supplements for 6 months to 1 year. She sent me the appropriate supplements.

For the first two months, I experienced not much improvement. It was in my 3rd month that I noticed I was improving significantly. I went back to school (4th year electrical engineering) and took one course. I was not confident that I could handle even that one course but I was extremely happy and grateful that at least I was able to get back to life to some extent. I struggled with learning in the beginning of the semester, but on the other hand, the supplements were working and my condition was improving.
The end result was that I got the highest mark of 96 as my final grade, something I could not even dream of. I am on my second semester now, taking my last two courses. I am grateful and more driven than before. Still not 100% recovered, but I appreciate life again and I am efficient and functional. I just wish that there were more of Dr. Jafari around. I cannot thank God enough and I cannot thank Dr. Jafari enough for what she is doing to help people. My only concern is that we only have one Dr. Jafari around. She is helping my aunt for her blood clots too and my aunt is feeling much better already in her 1st month of treatment.

Thank you Dr. Jafari,
From Hamed and my aunt, Gwiseuk

Dr. Jafari,
I am writing to let you know, after 20 and some years of being sick, hiding myself from everyone, you have made me, my husband and my family, so happy.

I was covered with rashes, cracks, bumps and white patches all over me. From the Middle East to Europe, Canada, US, every kind of skin and immune disorder specialist, have seen me, hundreds of medications I have taken, topically or by mouth. But it got worse , on top of that I lost most of my hair, developed vaginal infections constantly, took suppositories, and antibiotics.

I am asking the good Lord to give you a 1000 years to live, so you can help people like me to heal. You are truly an angel, and a gift from God to all mankind. I hope that God will give you the best of everything in this world and next.

With all my love & prayers,
Jaleh Motamadie Kordestan

Dear Dr. Jafari,
Hereby refer to our conversation yesterday. Once again I would like to thank you for your great contribution to medical industry, and health of human beings.

For a long time, I was suffering from high cholesterol, using different types of medications and consulting doctors to cure my problem, but unfortunately without any positive result.

I thank God almighty to become familiar with your products finally!

My cholesterol was "209" before using your “Cholesterol Away" Formula , taking 3, 3 times daily. After 3 months , I have reduced my intake to only 3 a day. My cholesterol has reduced to my doctors surprise to the lowest of only "109."

I feel great !!!!!!

I just wanted to advise those who are suffering from this illness to give your formulas a try and see the unbelievable results. I pray to God to grant his blessings to you more and more and I assure you that your efforts in helping people so kindly be compensated by God each and every moment of your life .

Thank you again. Please let me know if I could be of any assistance to you by any means.

Dr. M.G
Dubai- UAE

Dear Dr. Jafari,
I was almost crippled , for years I suffered from multiple symptoms of obesity , sever crippling arthritis , could not move to go out of my house for 2 years ... In return i gained weight over 40 lbs , became depressed , and menopause came at the same time to add to my problems , hot flashes , night sweats , crying all the time , was regular routine.

I was prying all the time that god will give me a little power to go to my sons wedding in august of this year I saw Dr Jafari on Didar tv , something told me to call .

My skin is also more beautiful,I look younger

Today i praise god for this discovery , I have lost weight , i walk beautifully without pain , i am happy , not depressed , no hot flashes.
I want to tell everyone how i was given a new life, by using:

  • Super meal
  • Arthritis defense
  • Female blessing
  • Perfect figure

Food therapy program also was followed as was instructed; I drink a lot of water.
I bless dr. Jafari and all Parsi Herbs staff , god bless all of you that provided this program for me , i feel young & happy , so is my family.

Rafeah from Vancouver

Dear Anahitta,
Today I celebrate my birthday and I am sending this card to tou because I feel reborn. You have taught me the value of self-love and respect. You have empowered me to become the person that I'm meant to be. You have encouraged me to follow my dreams. You have showed me that I am a wonderful and beautiful young woman.

You have helped me heal my body, mind and spirit. I was lost and you guided me back to myself with the gentleness and care that I have never experienced. Whenever I am in your presence, I feel loved, safe, and cared for.

I am most appreciative to you for bringing me back to the center; for teaching me balance and modification; and mostly, for showing me that I am deserving and healthy in God's love and presence. I can't thank you enough for answering my letter back in November and receiving me with open arms. You promised that you would help me heal and, for the first time in 35 years, promises made to me were kept.

I feel great!!! I can't express in words how wonderful it is to wake up to a fresh new day and not have any pains or fatigue. I go throughout my day without having to take a nap because of fatigue. I have so much more energy!

Anahita, you have changed my life. You have given me the strength and courage to make necessary changes. I have so much hope for my future, now; and I know I am worthy of God's blessings. These beautiful revelations are due to your words. Thank you for listening and teaching.

I have more healing to do, but I am no longer afraid of what I have to do to grow up and blossom. I am no longer afraid of taking care of my body, mind and spirit; and nor will I relinguish my resposibility and power to do so ever again ... and you taught me this. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to have such an amazing teacher and healer in my life.

I will always cherish you.

Terri Braunstein

Dear Dr. Jafari,

As I walked through the door of Parsi Herbs tor the first time on August 25, 2011, little did I know this would represent the most life altering encounter that I had experienced. At the time I recognized I had a serious issue with alcohol addiction, what I didn't recognize was just how needy I was in areas of emotional, physical, spiritual, and nutritional well being. Furthermore, I didn't realize how these key areas of a person's being are interconnected. Alcohol was serving as a severe impediment in each of these areas. As I experienced this deterioration, my dependence on alcohol only increased. To say my life was in a downward cycle would be a significant understatement.

I will start by recapping my physical well being on August 25th, 2011. I was thirty to forty pounds overweight and in poor physical condition. I was on a serious dosage of high blood pressure medication. My hands had a severe tremor, something I had experienced since childhood. I experienced troubling arthritis which required over the counter pain medication on a daily basis to control. I had broken m shoulder three years ago and experienced ongoing pain and restricted physical activity as a result of it. I looked older than my years, bloated, and balding.

Nutritionally I consumed whatever I chose with little regard to the health consequences. Red meat was a stable of my diet accompanied by gluten laden carbohydrates and yes, excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine. Vegetables, healthy grains, and select fruits were an afterthought.

Spiritually, I thought I was spiritual but I hadn't totally let myself surrender and commit myself to God. There was no spiritual compass to guide me through the issues I was dealing with.

Emotionally I was haunted by the demons of a failed first marriage, and a deteriorating second one. A relationship with my parents which was far from ideal was compounded by the sudden unexpected death of my father and my mother's losing battle with dementia. The negative memories of my past were littered with incidences of alcohol impairment. Alcohol was the self prescribed medication of choice to deal with all of the above. I was suffering from severe depression and didn't recognize it.

Through the dedicated work, direction, and love of the staff at Parsi Herbs, I have tackled each of these areas with significant progress over the past nine months. Let's start with the issue of Alcohol Addiction. During my first session at Parsi Herbs I inquired as to when the severe craving for alcohol would sub: I was told that when I walked out the door that day the cravings would subside. While I undoubted!' questioned that prediction, history reflects that it was extremely accurate. The deep craving for alcohol has vanished through continued treatments I receive at the clinic, the nutritional diet I was given, the supplement regimen I am required to adhere to, and the physical training program I embarked upon. The results are obvious. I lost thirty to forty pounds within ninety days, and eliminated all blood pressure medication within the first thirty days. The tremor in my hands has been all but eliminated, the pain from arthritis/my broken shoulder has subsided and I am pain free without any physical limitations without medication. The bloat is deflated, the aging in my face has been reversed, and I hair starting to replace the baldness. Physically I feel great and people tell me look great.

While the physical and nutritional aspects of my recovery are easy to quantify and chart the progress, requires a greater introspective assessment egarding my spiritual and emotional being. Let me recap it by saying I never have been happier, more content, at greater peace than I am now. The staff at Parsi Herbs has helped me learn to forgive myself and place my being solely in the hands of God. They have encouraged and worked with me to put the past behind me, to live for today, and prepare for the future however to understand and accept that only God has the final plan for my life. As I have practiced this concept the relationships with myself, my wife, and others continues to flourish. I love this new life I am living. Are there times when I dwell on negatives and regrets of the past, yes, but I mentally, emotionally, and spiritually work through them. Are there times that I think "sure would be nice to have a cocktail ", yes, but again I mentally, emotionally and spiritually immediately reject these cravings? Are there times when I deviate from my nutritional and physical programs, yes but again I mentally, emotionally, and spiritually recommit to my plan with stronger conviction?

In closing, my new found spirituality is the strength, power, and disciplinary force I lean on to remain committed to this new life's journey while the staff at Parsi Herbs serves to provide the nurturing, loving, and healing care.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Larry Ford

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